High School Season


High School Season starts on November 16th 2016.

Things to do before the season starts

  • Get a physical (must have Physical Forms VUSD.rtf filled out by the  doctor)
    • NOTE: The insurance information must be filled out or the athlete can not participate!!!!!!!!!
      • For students who do not have insurance, the school has provided a way to get rather in expensive insurance to cover major medical expenses.  This would allow you student to participate in a sport at Vista High.  Without insurance, students will not be able to participate.  Here is the link
  • Hydration Test (administered at VHS)
  • Pay fees/spirit
      • You can pay those Make a Donation Button

Season Parent Meeting Documents


These documents were handed out and coach Pitts went through these.  Please read these documents and contact coach Pitts with questions.

Season Parent Outline:

Document about support your son by supporting your program (A MUST READ):vista wrestling parent helping

Document covering things your son needs to know about what to do on competition day:vista wrestling competition guidelines

December Calendar:

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