Parent Resources

This page is meant to be a resource for you.  There will be links to documents and videos meant to help you.  Please continue to check this out as it gets updated.

Wrestling Culture and Motivation

What NCAA wrestling champs say about what they learned from wrestling: VIDEO

This video is about Mike Powell.  Coach Pitts’ best friend and college teammate, Coach Powell comes to Vista every summer for our camp and we send our wrestlers to his camp.  He has a deadly non-contagious disease.  His attitude toward it, documented in this video, is the essence of what wrestling does for you if you allow it.

Wrestling Rules and Scoring

How points are accumulated in a match and by the team in both Dual Meets and Tournaments Folkstyle_Wrestling_Basics

Freestyle Rules and Scoring VIDEO

Greco Rules and Scoring VIDEO

Diet and Nutrition

Weight is always an issue in wrestling.  We are proponents of the fact that if a wrestler is eating properly, their weight will end up where it needs to be.  The trick is eating for performance.  Much of what mainstream media and the diet industry promote as healthy, is in fact not good for competing at a high level like wrestling requires.  We as coaches have seen athletes lose because of their nutrition.  Here you will find ways to help your son maintain peak nutrition and optimal body weight.  The longer eating cleanly and healthy is part of the the normal diet the better results a wrestler will have for peak performance.

This is a comprehensive packet on nutrition: Wrestling_Nutrition_Ideas_Booklet

Post weigh-in Eating: DO NOT EAT UNTIL YOU ARE FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Useful Link

Recipes (To be continued, please submit to

Hygiene and Skin Issues

The biggest problem in wrestling is the mis-diagnosis and wrong treatment of skin infections.  The links below can help you determine what your son may have.  We as coaches through the years have seen that we are more successful in diagnosing skin infections that many pediatricians.  It is imperative that you advocate for your son.  Some skin infections can be treated with over the counter medication while others require a prescription.  In addition, if your in season your son may need a doctors note on a specific form signed by your doctor before he is allowed to wrestle.  You can download that form here

Ringworm                  Molluscum Contagiosum

Impetigo                     Staph (non-MRSA)


What to expect and how can you help at Tournaments

There are two types of tournaments.  Both involve long hours in the gym.  There are “Dual Meet Tournaments” and “Individual Tournaments”.  Dual meet tournaments have all of our team against one other team at a time.  This resembles what you see on Thursday nights.  We will just do this multiple times in a day (up to 5).  Individual tournaments are run by weight classes and each weight wrestles with our wrestlers at each weight going against any number of other teams.  In both types, it is impossible to determine when your athlete will wrestle, so you will be there all day if you want to see him wrestle.  Over time you will get the hang of the flow of these things and may be able to predict when your son will be up next, but for the most part it is an all day commitment.  Dual Meet tournaments are typically much more fan friendly and exciting for the spectator, but we have many more individual tournaments than we do dual meet tournaments.

In both cases, you can do things to help your son, the team, and yourself.  I would ask that each group of parents coordinate a “Rest and Rehydrate Zone” out side of the gym.  This would require some easy ups, perhaps some tables, coolers, and some chairs.  It is very useful to get out of the gym for both you and the wrestlers.  They will always perform better and have more fun if they get some care and a break throughout the day.  This would need to be multiple parents being willing to help out because it would also be important to go inside and see your son wrestle as well as other boys.  Please consider being part of this team for your son’s level (Freshman, JV or Varsity).

Also in both cases, it is very useful to have parents who are willing to video matches.  In addition, we love still photography.  This is best done with two or more parents for video because of the fact that often times multiple wrestlers are wrestling at the same time (this is for individual tournaments).  A photographer would be an added bonus.  This is such a valuable asset to our wrestlers.




  1. This is well put together. This will be helpful to new wrestlers and their parents as well as a handy reference to the rest of us. Thank you!


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